DRMS, the company that developed Korea's first prefabricated drones, developed frames to express people's imagination. Based on this, various drones and robots made possible.

It is based on Arduino and we will do our best to provide a lot of help and knowledge to people with dreams.

From a young student who dreams of the future, he will provide all the information DRMS ​​has to everyone who wants new content.

We hope to utilize DRMS ​​'s products to become future talents, create new jobs, and become a customized person for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

We will become a representative drones company of Korea who will lead creative, creative and novel thinking.

Through assembly and disassembly, you can create various ideas.

You can raise your value through new hobbies.

With easy operation principle,

you can enjoy it with friends,

brother and lover.

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Drone content at heart of dynamic and creative activities

DRS (Drone Robot Special) is a science education program that assemble various models using propellers that can move in the sky and on the ground. It is a creative activity-oriented content that assemble your own drone and operate it using a coding program.

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How to use the DRMS app